Teaching Artist

Hi! I'm happy to send a full Statement of Teaching Philosophy upon request, but for now, a heartfelt blurb and link to my Curriculum Vitae:

The theater classroom is a rich liminal space—where discomfort, bravery and possibility converge. The deepest core of my teaching philosophy originates in the same urgent part of my heart that compels me to write, perform, produce and teach: I believe there is a crisis of evolved and sensitive humans who have a sense of their own interconnectedness and power.

I believe that the theater artist is heir to ancient legacies in storytelling and empathy, in addition to a variety of performance techniques whose aim is to illuminate the human condition.

Training in theater is a strong asset to any professional path. It teaches mastery of one’s own voice and truth, skills in powerful listening and radical empathy, the practice of holding many voices in one’s own head and heart, a deep sensitivity to language, and a vital ability to consider the Other… and to be changed by them. For me, there is no more urgent call to respond to.

*MARCH 2017- Martin was given a Teaching Achievement Award For "Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Instruction in the Department of Theatre and Dance"